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Tom's Poetry

Christmas Haiku

Everybodyís Taking Prozac

itís not fair!
everybodyís on
a mind-altering drug
that makes them more confident,
more secure,
or functional.
and i keep being interrupted.

iím sorry

donít mind me

no problem

thatís okay

iím the model of timidity.
quiet. donít say a word.
walk all over me.

look at her!
Sheís on a drug
that makes her more seductive,
letís us all know sheís accessible.
but iím still undesirable.

iím here

canít you see me?

didnít mean to get in the way

i just thought ó

well, never mind

look at him!
Heís on a drug
thatís got him feeling good.
He doesnít mind saying
heís better than the rest of us,
doesnít mind
if he takes control.
and iím just ignored.

helpless helpless

thatís what i am

iím no good

i know

iím not worth much

but maybe if i was taking prozac...

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(C) 3/13/95 Tom Brinck