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Christmas Haiku

Gazed Upon, This Beauty Intensifies

from Shu Le Yin Le by U Ponnya , translated by Tom Brinck and Htet Htet Aung

(eighty open layers style poem)

Attended by a hundred kings, receiving gifts,
living in the luxury of a Mandalay palace.

Like a silver palace lit by the full moon,
hair adorned with a golden flower, supremely enchanting.

Elegant flowing hair, relaxed, a flawless spiral.
Comparable to brilliant Amayar, the everlasting wife
and lifeblood of Ma Haut Thada, the Clever Buddha.

The casual style and easy manner
incomparable on this island expanse of Sabu Di Par.

The celebrated grace radiates like the most aromatic floral scent
spreading far and wide.
The most amazing, more than the most.

Gazed upon, this beauty intensifies;
no one can withdraw their gaze.
With growing affection, more and more lovely,
dazzling beyond belief.

Artists despair of capturing the beauty of my supreme young beloved,
hair loosely tied in a knot, long as three forearms, precious as gold,
like the black bee, black as ink.

So incomparable, even the king of angels is despondent.
Have pity. For this desperate desire to possess. To taste. To savor completely.


Another poem translated from Burmese: The Golden Padauk

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(C) 8/22/03 Tom Brinck