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Tom's Poetry

Christmas Haiku

performance hoaxing

Three artists, or rather, one so-called
artist and two high school friends
who weren't drunk
but might as well have been,

set out to a local farm
late at night with planks
and rope and a drawn-up plan, hoping that
by pulling a peculiar prank

they could become anonymously
near-famous for a crop
circle that would be the talk of the town,
in the local bars and coffee shops.

Next morning, Ben and Joe and
(wouldn't you know) Billy Bob
turn up missing with a basketful
of corn-on-the-cob

laying on Ben's motherís porch,
and a local farmer reports finding
a crop circle has crushed his crop,
but he's not minding

because now his picture's in the paper
and he's the talk of the town,
but the puzzle for the alien investigators is:
why's the crop circle only three-quarters done,

and what's become of these three young men?

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(C) 4/14/02 Tom Brinck