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Tom's Poetry

Christmas Haiku

Full of Promise

I woke up in a chill last week
with an apparent stomach cramp
but laid an egg only 20 minutes later

I left it in the fridge
so it wouldn't hatch too soon
and mentioned nothing at work in the morning

I thought I'd have a sandwich at 5
but in my fridge was a cold blue lizard
chewing down a moldy piece of cheese

I pulled him out to plant him by a window
and watered him with fresh lemonade
and sang Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound

within 3 days he'd flowered
and turned a healthy green
and told me about his unified field theory

within hours I had him on the phone
with redwhitenblue rocket scientists
and the government showed up to take him away

today I saw him on television
consulting with the president
and he blushed a bit when he saw me watching

that's when my skin started itching
and I scratched and scratched until
I dropped off spores

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(C) 8/23/96 Tom Brinck