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Tom's Poetry

Christmas Haiku

Notes of a Madman

The madman woke,
his dream complete,
to find the forgotten
at his feet.

He watched the doorway
as he got up,
but there was nothing to be seen.
He walked across the floor
and opened up the drawer
and found a notebook
in which he began to write.

"I saw the sky this morning
inside a hollow tree.
I tried to show the others,
but it was a sight reserved for me.

"I watched a small dragon
as he flew around my cabin.
I smelled his breath like burning tar,
and then I laughed
and with one swift leap
I captured him and put him in a jar.

"I threw the jar into the sea
so that it would drift upon a distant beach,
so some lucky boy
could see the dragon I have seen
and reach the beauty I have reached.

"There was a beggar
in my dream.
He asked me for the time.
‘Time to wake,’ I replied.
‘Don’t leave yet,’ he cried,
‘for we’ve barely met.’
But it was too late."

The madman put the notebook
back in its place,
for he had heard a knocking at the door.
He went to the door
and opened it up,
but no one was there.
There was only a rainbow
and a large blue tree.

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(C) '87-88 Tom Brinck