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Tom's Poetry

Christmas Haiku

Reprise there is a devil

Alright, there is a devil,
more subtle and bewitching than I might have guessed,
and thru her subterfuge
she's caught me unaware.
She's more bold more daring than my innocence allowed.
She knows my secret life, foils my plans.

Ah, she's a beauty who teases my faith,
distracts me from a safer freer path,
waiting till a moment when
I thought she posed no threat, no more.
She strikes at my heart with an inspired flattery.
She's waited till a time when ethics and caution
could hold me back no longer.

Sweet beautiful cruelty
with long black hair and modesty,
everything I would hope you to be.
Be my companion, my lover, my agony.
Swift arrow from the bushes,
taunt me, torture me,
brilliant spark of light I don't deserve.

Yes, there is a dark demon
who laughs
and mocks me,
who takes the pleasure that should be mine.
Yes, she's here.
I feel her
with threads tied thru my spine.
She's waited till my guard was down
and does me the awful damage
I knew too well she could.

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(C) 7/24/96 (7/17/00) Tom Brinck