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Tom's Poetry

Christmas Haiku

End of the World

of course, the way it ought to work,
when the rest of the world suddenly
disappears in a puff of dust
because of some kind of virus...

the way it ought to work
is that there are only 2 innocent people
left alive, you and that special
(especially attractive) person you’ve always
secretly loved

and her name’s Jenny and your name’s Tom
and she admits of course, that
all along she’s been secretly in love
with you too

and it’s up to you two
and nobody else
to repopulate the world

and things are a little rough at first,
but what’s really nice is,
after an initial shock, Jenny turns out
to be a real practical person, and
the 2 of you set to work
on cleaning up the mess
left behind by humankind

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(C) 5/6/97 Tom Brinck