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Tom's Poetry

Christmas Haiku

a hypothetical present tense future fantasy

if only will be could be is

or better yet could be could be can be
or could be yes and now

then this would be is immediately:
amazing power super fantasy wow!
love love love love and magic magic magical
I'm an awestruck dumbstruck dumbfounded
how could it be?
it is but how but wonderful happy happy how?
if only want to be would be should be
and should be would be must have happened suddenly

then wish and whim could be certainly
and don't even dare to doubt

then wish it could be would be wonderfully right now

here's how:
you're mine in a zillion kisses and a strangely
super blissful somehow
and lucky laughing rapture of gleeful intoxication
with laser beams from your cavernous eyes
and warm animate hands of pleasure
I'm a know and a must but not a certainty
but only because you've made my desire an only maybe could be

but if you'd take a leap of faith and twist it in
with what you never knew you'd sometime want

then maybe the remote possibility of please please please
could become the nascent is of an all-embracing be

and is would be the always becoming now anew:
reinventing passion in frenzied eagerness of must
must never end always extend always expand
in infinite plastic cyclones of outward spiraling unity
be is ours and are's are gleeful magical possessions
of the ever-extending all-amazing we

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(C) 6/11/01 Tom Brinck