Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have the recipe for {pie, brownies, cakes, fudge, chicken primavera, oatmeal cookies, sugar cookies,...} ?
Nope. Hey, I'm no master chef. I'm just a humble guy who likes to bake cookies and bread. Oh sure, sometimes I make other stuff, but I rarely use recipes and I quickly forget how I did something. Check out Yahoo's cookie recipes index if you need recipes for anything else.

My standard tip: Just mix the logical ingredients together and cook it. The worst that can happen is a yucky goo, and you have to try again.

You should add more pictures, more recipes, and more more more...
Oh my! I actually only created these recipes to share with friends. I've been shocked at how wildly popular they've been. I'd love to expand it, but to be honest, I have to set my priorities on my work, my poetry, my writing.

Do you have recipes for making bread without a bread machine?
Okay, I admit, I've never made bread without a bread machine. I love the bread that it's making and I love the simplicity. Forgive me.

Can you recommend a good bread machine?
I use a Sunbeam Hot&Fresh Bread Maker. It does the job just fine, but doesn't do anything special. I haven't really used any others, so I can't really compare. If I were going to buy another, the only thing I might get different is one that makes bigger loaves.

Do you have low-fat recipes?
When I want to stay trim, I chew on carrots and celery sticks. When you're ready for true tongue-luscious sin, come back and enjoy Tom's cookie recipes. And by the way, I agree you should eat low-fat. IT works for me. These cookie recipes are for special occasions and should be eaten in moderation.

Do you have vegetarian recipes?
For strictly ethical reasons, I prefer an omnivorous diet. However, here are some simple substitutions: instead of butter use margarine or Crisco (I prefer Crisco anyway), instead of eggs in the cookie recipes, you can substitute a ripe (spotted brown) banana.

You should post the recipe from that nasty Neiman Marcus cookie scandal.
Some urban legends just won't die. Please don't go forwarding email about the Neiman Marcus $250 cookie recipe to people. Especially not me! :-)

What the heck is Crisco?
Crisco is a vegetable shortening that's available in different forms, though I use Crisco bars as a substitute for butter/margarine. It has a very mild flavor that I prefer over butter in my cookie recipes. Others will disagree, but they are, of course, wrong. Crisco also comes in a butter flavor for those who prefer a coarse butter taste :-)

I have a recipe for you.
If you have a web page, post your recipe to Yahoo's recipe index. If you don't, try sending it to a recipe newsgroup. I love recipes, but so many people have sent me their recipes that I don't think I'll ever have time to cook all of them! I really do appreciate hearing from people, so don't be shy about sending me friendly, chatty, social messages. (and I also accept boxes of cookies mailed to me!)