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This site is primarily about usability. Usability is about making websites and software simple, obvious, useful, and practical for everyone. This is my personal site, and thus focuses on my usability perspectives as an author, teacher, speaker, and entrepreneur. For more general usability information, visit Usability First.

I work as the creative director at in Palo Alto, California. We build cool search services and the advertising service Clickriver.

I have a blog called SimplyBlog. I also worked on a podcast for a while called Design Critique with Tim Keirnan. We discussed design and usability in the context of products we actually used (view in iTunes).

In the Diversions section of this site, I include some of my poetry, art, and recipes.

Featured Items

Usability for the Web...available at Usability for the Web: Designing Web Sites that Work by Tom Brinck, Darren Gergle, and Scott D. Wood a tour-de-force of web design, elaborating on the usability methods and principles that apply at every point of the web development process. Read more...Read More

Usability in Practice
Professional Activities